Breed: Exotic short hair
Sex: male
Birthday: 2011.4.14

One day, one of our cafe staff said 'Why don't we take a new cat who looks ugly but cute?'

It was the important cue to decide to breed him.

His name is based on Japanese giant. It is 'Tairano Kiyomori(平清盛)', who is known as the famous samurai in the end of Heian period. The Chinese character of'Tairano(平)' means something flat. So it connects the cat's 'flat' face.

I (cafe owner) chose this name from many idea of our customer because I want his name typical japanese and manly but cute.

Additionally, I liked this name because Tairano Kiyomori was living in Hiroshima, where this cat and I am from.

It also fit my hope because I wanted to name him Japanese name. In addition, surprisingly, his hometown is Hiroshima where is deep associated withTairano Kiyomori.

(By the way, this idea came from our customer. So if you have a good chance to name our new cat, please give us your good idea!)

His body was bigger than others when he was a little. So I hope he will grow up 'healthy'.

He is very popular among the people who really like his ugly but cute looks, in Japanese 'Busa-Kawa(ぶさかわ)' .

When he is in the good mood, you can enjoy your time with him. Please come to see him!

Kiyomori's photo album

  • ���݂̂�����ʐ^ Recent photo of Kiyomori.
  • ���X�̍��̂�����ʐ^ Kiyomori as a child.

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