Breed : Munchkin
Sex : Male
Birthday : 2014.2.28

So far, some people asked us whether we have Munchkins in Nekorobi.

Now we've got a cute baby of Munchkin who has long hair and short legs.

His name is selected from invitation of suggestion by our guests.

It inherited the character "狼(ro)" from 甘太狼(Kantaro) who retired from Nekorobi in summer of 2014.

We chose the name also because he looks little and round, and we like the sound of name.

Recently (about 1 month from his debut), we found that he has a congenital heart disease, and a doctor told us it would be better for him not to run hardly.

So, his rest time in his cage might be longer than other cats, but please watch over kindly.

We hope it would be better as he grew up.

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