At this cafe, you pey as you stay.

First 1 hour/ 1,100 yen (for weekday) 
1,300 yen (for weekend and holiday) *Tax included
short-time pack (30 minutes) 900 yen for Weekend, 800 yen for weekday
Afterward 300yen (weekday 250yen) per 15 minutes
Weekday special course: 3 hours/2,400yen (please order first)
  • Please wash your hands with soap and disinfect your hands with alcohol before getting in the room.
  • You can use lockers with keys for your belongings and shoes.
  • Anything in the room is free of charge. (including a vending machine.)
  • Feel free to use Cat toys, PC, iPad,Wii, Books,charging your cell phone etc.
  • You can take pictures without flash.
  • Please treat our cats gently.(Do not pick up and hold cats, let them wake up when they are sleeping...)
  • When the cats hurt you,we give a first aid. However we cannot refund or bear your medical expenses.
  • Please follow us when we warn you about your treatment for cats.
  • ねこカフェNekorobi 店内
  • ねこカフェNekorobi のかわいい猫ちゃんスマイル
  • ねこカフェNekorobi の猫ちゃん