Q. What time the cafe close?
A. We open 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. everyday.
Q. When is closed day?
A. Only a few days of the end of year and the New Year. But it is possible that our cafe is closed because of the some accidents. (For keeping good condition of cats, remodeling of our cafe and so on)
Q. Can I bring toys for cats?
A. Yes, of course you can. When you bring toys, the staff checks your toys just to make sure that it is safe for cats.
Q. How many cats do you have?
A. We have 13 cats(March, 2013)
Q. What time do you change the light to indirect lightning?
A. We change it with sunset.
Q. What time is your cafe not crowded?
A. We are not sure but it may be crowded from 11:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekend and holiday. Other time may not be crowded.
Q. What kind of service can I use?
A. You can use notebook PC or large screen TV. Besides,
  • You can use internet with your PC or PDA using our wireless LAN.
  • You can charge of your PC, digital camera, cell phone (AU,docomo,Softbank,iphone,willcom) , ipod, other USB equipment (Some equipment needs your adapter).
  • You can print out your picture you take in our cafe.
  • Books and magazines.
Q. Where can l smoke?
A. there is a smoking area setting chairs and an ashtray in the porch.
Q. Can l make a reservation?
A. We do not accept reservations. But you can come in right away without a reservation. It could be full in the daytime weekday and holiday, but you can usually came in after 5 to 10 minutes waiting.
Q. Can I use some pictures taken at your cafe on my blog, mixi, or Facebook?
A. Yes you can!