Fees At this cafe, you pey as you stay.

First 1 hour/ 1,100 yen (for weekday) 
1,300 yen (for weekend and holiday) *Tax included
short-time pack (30 minutes) 900 yen for Weekend, 800 yen for weekday
Afterward 300yen (weekday 250yen) per 15 minutes
Weekday special course: 3 hours/2,400yen (please order first)

You can use all things in the room for free.

  • Vending machine of drink (Just push the button and you will get a cup. Be sure to put the lid on.)
  • Box of cat's toys
  • Notebook PC (Internet available)
  • Books and magazines
  • Games (reverse, shogi, playing cards, uno, jenga and so on)
  • TV and TV computer (Internet available)
  • Wii (Please ask staff when you want to know how to play)
  • CD and DVD (Basically playing for BGM and BGV of our shop. Please ask staff when you want to play others)

Other service

  • Wireless LAN
  • Please ask the staff about setting.
  • Charge of your PC, cell phone, PDA Some types can not receive.

Feel free to ask our staff if you need something.

  • ねこカフェNekorobi 店内
  • ねこカフェNekorobi の猫ちゃん
  • ねこカフェNekorobi の猫ちゃん